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Your Comprehensive FAQ Guide To Metagenics SPM Active

There is nothing on the supplement market that is quite like SPM Active. This innovative Metagenics supplement can offer a wide variety of health benefits and it can help alleviate a number of conditions. The supplement has grown in popularity and many people have pressing questions about SPM Active. What is in SPM Active? How is this supplement made? What can SPM Active do for me? At HopeNWellness, we wanted to clear the air on Metagenics SPM Active by conducting a deep dive on the product.

We have developed this in-depth FAQ guide to answer all of your burning questions about this supplement. Let’s start with the basics of SPM Active and work our way through the most commonly asked questions.

What Is SPM Active?

SPM Active is a daily anti-inflammatory supplement created by Metagenics. This innovative supplement is specifically designed to support your natural capacity to respond to physical challenges and resolve immune system responses.

Each softgel contains active fractionated marine lipid concentrate, developed from fish oil and mixed tocopherols. That concentrate is packed with SPM content that is standardized to two polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs): 18-HEPE and 17-HDHA.

What Are SPMs?

SPMs are specialized pro-resolving mediators, which are unique kinds of “cell signalers.” Specialized pro-resolving mediators are formed within your cells through the metabolism of PUFAs. SPMs play a key role in the inflammatory response of your immune system.

When your body suffers an injury, the surrounding area will naturally become inflamed. This inflammation is a natural immune system response that is beneficial for you. The inflammation helps protect your injury and it can help stave off infections as well. Once the inflammation has served its purpose, SPMs expedite the process to resolve that inflammatory response before it escalates.

SPMs are metabolites of PUFAs like arachidonic acid, eicosapentaenoic acid, docosahexaenoic acid, and n-3 DPA. The resulting metabolites will be one of 4 different SPMs:

  • Lipoxins

  • Resolvins

  • Protectins

  • Maresins

Each metabolite has its own specific function and unique benefits. The main purpose of these SPM metabolites is to quell inflammation as it occurs.

Why Makes SPM Active So Special?

Metagenics developed and launched SPM Active in 2015 as a unique supplement that had never been seen on the market before. For years, there have been plenty of other supplements out there that offer consumers quantities of PUFAs, which are the precursors to SPMs. Metagenics decided to cut out the middle man (PUFAs) and developed a product that delivers standardized levels of SPMs directly to your system.

Metagenics essentially invented and patented a process to produce SPMs directly from PUFAs in a clinical laboratory setting. This SPM supplement allows you to bypass the body’s deficient enzymatic pathways to get a more efficient and complete resolution to your inflammation issues. By taking Metagenics SPM Active, you are basically giving your body a shortcut!

We should also mention that SPM Active is healthier for your body too. Some synthetic NSAID supplements can, unfortunately, result in harmful side effects on your body. SPM Active skips over those corrosive impacts and delivers a natural substance to your body.

How Is SPM Active Manufactured?

Metagenics develops SPM Active by using an advanced, patent-pending fractionation process. In their state-of-the-art facilities, Metagenics employees begin the fractionation process with high-quality marine oil. The resulting individual fractions are then selected and tested for SPM levels and bioactivity.

From there, the bioactive fractions standardized to 18-HEPE and 17-HDHA are selected. Those fractions are then developed into softgels. The product then enters a final testing stage to confirm the pro-resolving activity and safety of the softgels. Metagenics SPM Active is then officially labeled and finally becomes available for purchase.

What Makes SPM Active Different From From Fish Oil?

It is true that SPM Active is very similar to many fish oil supplements. Many people wonder what’s the better option for them and they debate between SPM active vs fish oil. The product differences can quickly become clear when you examine their individual functions.

Fish oil supplements contain polyunsaturated fatty acids (e.g., EPA, DHA, etc.). As we discussed earlier, SPMs are the metabolites of those kinds of PUFAs. Fish oil supplements help supply your body with the essential fatty acids (EFAs) that are needed for the creation of SPMs.

SPM Active, on the other hand, provides your body with an immediate supply of SPMs. The concentrate is all ready to go, so it’s best suited to deal with immediate inflammatory issues.

Which Conditions Can Metagenics SPM Active Help Alleviate?

The main function of SPM Active is to reduce inflammation. Clinical research has documented the integral role that SPMs play in quelling inflammation. And the Metagenics Institute has developed a body of research that supports the anti-inflammatory effects of SPM Active.

SPM Active has been shown to be effective at alleviating a number of pathological inflammation-related conditions. These include:

  • Type 1 and type 2 diabetes

  • Autoimmune diseases

  • Arthritis

  • Alzheimer’s disease

  • Metabolic syndrome

  • Allergic inflammatory diseases

Research has also shown that the metabolites from SPM Active can help alleviate other conditions as well. SPM Active could contribute to:

  • Combatting heart disease.

  • Promoting healthy infant births.

  • Reducing your risk of cancer.

We are eager to see additional research document on other health benefits of SPMs. We believe that we’ve only scratched the surface of what SPM Active can offer people like you.

How Else Can SPM Active Benefit Me?

As it turns out, SPM Active can offer a number of additional health benefits outside of chronic inflammation-based conditions. Whether you suffer from recurring inflammation or not, you still have plenty to gain from SPM Active. Research has shown that this supplement could help:

Metagenics SPM Active

Where Can I Get Metagenics SPM Active?

Through our HopeNWellness affiliate store! Our organization was initially founded to make high-quality supplements widely accessible and affordable to residents across the U.S. At our inception, we established a mutually beneficial partnership with Metagenics to accomplish that mission. We are proud to offer SPM Active to anyone and everyone at an affordable discount!

You can easily purchase Metagenics SPM Active through HopeNWellness. Order your first shipment today to see firsthand how your SPM Active can improve your health and wellness.

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