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4 Ways A Metagenics Anti-Inflammatory Can Improve Your Health

Chronic inflammation is a daily nuisance and people use anti-inflammatories to quell those daily pains. But, you should choose your anti-inflammatories wisely. Did you know that a high-quality anti-inflammatory can offer much more than just pain relief? Aspirin might get the job done, but that little pill fails to improve your well-being in any other way. Your health could greatly benefit from a Metagenics anti-inflammatory in a multitude of ways. Let’s examine a few of the health benefits an SPM anti-inflammatory can offer you.

Why Use A Metagenics Anti-Inflammatory Over Others?

There is no shortage of anti-inflammatories on the market. You might prefer one option because it’s cheap, but that doesn’t mean it will work. You have a choice when it comes to anti-inflammatories, so why wouldn’t you choose the one that gets better results? That’s exactly what you get with a Metagenics anti-inflammatory.

For years, Metagenics has been pioneering the path for smarter science-based supplements. In addition to their production of high-quality supplements, Metagenics also conducts a wide array of research. Metagenics, as a research institute, has published over 2000 clinical research articles on supplements and human health.

Metagenics has also made incredible and innovative breakthroughs with their supplements. In fact, Metagenics was the first company to fully develop and launch a product that delivered standardized levels of Specialized Pro-Resolving Mediators (SPMs). That Metagenics anti-inflammatory, SPM Active, was a revolutionary innovation for the industry.

At HopeNWellness, we’re proud to partner with this innovative company. Metagenics is efficient at what they do and they’re entirely focused on achieving real-world results. While SPM Active is the best Metagenics anti-inflammatory, you really can’t go wrong with their other anti-inflammatories. Their supplements are virtually unparalleled on the market.

How A Metagenics Anti-Inflammatory Can Benefit Your Health

Before we discuss the benefits of an SPM anti-inflammatory, let’s briefly recap how SPMs work. When you suffer an injury, the injured area becomes inflamed quickly after. This is a natural response to better protect your injury. Chronic inflammation builds over time and can occur when the inflammation goes unchecked. SPMs keep your inflammatory response under control. SPMs act as “cell signalers” that tell your immune system to stop an inflammatory response.

SPMs are metabolites of various polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs). SPMs are created through the metabolism of docosahexaenoic acid, n-3 DPA, and other PUFAs. The resulting metabolites could be Lipoxins, Resolvins, Protectins, and/or Maresins. Each one functions as an SPM anti-inflammatory, but they can serve other functions as well. Let’s examine how these SPMs can benefit you.

Reduce Inflammation And Improve Chronic Health Conditions

The first job of any anti-inflammatory is to reduce inflammation. If that supplement doesn’t quell your inflammation problems, then why take it at all? A Metagenics anti-inflammatory can effectively reduce your inflammation. This reduction is mainly due to the high SPM content.

However, there is a prevalence of inflammation-related conditions in the US. In fact, it’s estimated that nearly 60% of American adults have at least one chronic inflammation-related condition. Fortunately, a Metagenics anti-inflammatory can help improve those conditions.

Research has shown that maresin metabolites can contribute to the fight against pathological inflammation-related conditions. That means, a high-quality anti-inflammatory from Metagenics can benefit a plethora of individuals. SPM Active could help combat:

  • Diabetes 1 and 2

  • Autoimmune diseases

  • Metabolic syndrome

  • Dementia syndromes

  • And more!

Do you suffer from one or more of these conditions? If so, we believe you’d benefit greatly from a Metagenics anti-inflammatory.

Keep Your Heart Healthy

Cardiovascular diseases are one of the biggest causes of death in the US. From poor diets to genetic dispositions, a host of factors can contribute to our national heart problems. Chronic inflammation is actually one of the biggest contributing factors for heart disease. SPMs can help minimize that inflammation and keep your heart healthy.

It has actually been proven that SPMs have an important role in the cardiovascular system. SPMs may be metabolized from PUFAs, but they are locally synthesized as needed in vascular tissues. These tiny things play a protective role in the body and have direct effects on vascular cells. A Metagenics anti-inflammatory is a great protective step for your heart’s health.

Improve Your Bone Strength

It’s not terribly difficult to keep your bones healthy and strong. Through proper nutrition and exercise, you can easily maintain the health of your bones. Inevitably, your lifestyle changes and the aging process will make your bone strength deteriorate. You can effectively maintain and improve your bone strength with a Metagenics anti-inflammatory.

As it turns out, resolvin metabolites can offer great support for your bones. Resolvin SPMs have been shown to contribute to bone preservation by inhibiting osteoclasts (cells that can degrade bone strength). These resolvins can be especially critical after bone injuries, like fractures or bruises. It’s also worth noting that the content of SPM Active can support bone health too. The PUFAs of SPM Active - 18-HEPE and 17-HDHA - can help preserve your bone tissues as well.

Regenerate Nerves And Other Tissues

Over time, chronic inflammation can slowly wear down and damage your nerve tissues. The resulting nerve damage can have compounding effects on your health. Unrepaired nerve tissues can result in sensations of recurring numbness, discomfort, pain, and more. In addition, damaged nerves can worsen your circulation and blood pressure as well. It’s best to treat those instances of nerve damage now before it negatively impacts your health.

The best Metagenics anti-inflammatory, SPM Active.

Fortunately, research has shown that an SPM anti-inflammatory can help with this problem. Protectin metabolites can actually support the healthy regeneration of nerve tissues, and other tissues as well. The maresin metabolites of the SPM family can also enhance tissue regeneration too. If you want to negate the effects of your chronic inflammation, a Metagenics anti-inflammatory is the best choice.

Achieve Better Health With SPM Active

SPM Active is an incredible high-quality Metagenics anti-inflammatory. As mentioned earlier, it is the first product to ever contain standardized levels of SPMs. The daily supplement is developed from a unique fractionation process of marine lipids. Each softgel contains SPM content standardized to two fatty acids: 18-hydroxy-eicosapentaenoic acid (18-HEPE) and 17-hydroxy-docosahexaenoic acid (17-HDHA). These are the ideal building blocks for the SPM metabolites that can change your life for the better!

Order your first container of SPM Active today to gain the amazing health benefits that this Metagenics anti-inflammatory has to offer!

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