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SPM Active Vs Fish Oil: What’s the Difference?

As we go about our day, we hardly ever stop to think about the small nutritional compounds that are essential for our survival. Some of us might not even fully understand our nutritional needs. That information gap can make it even tougher to know which supplement is best for you. And it’s a question that needs answering. What can provide you with the most benefits: SPM Active vs fish oil supplements? We took some time to look into this common problem and address it.

SPM Active vs Fish Oil: The Difference

As we discuss SPM active and fish oil, it helps to first define the differences between these two supplements.


SPM Active is a high-quality supplement from Metagenics that’s packed with specialized pro-resolving mediators (SPMs). We’ve touched on the cell signaling power of SPMs before, but their exact function isn’t widely known.

Whenever your body is injured, the afflicted area becomes inflamed. This inflammatory reaction is the body’s natural response to injury. The inflammation helps protect the injured area from infection and any further injury. Now here’s where specialized pro-resolving mediators come into play. If your inflammatory response goes unchecked, it can get out of control and damage your body. The SPMs signal to your immune system to stop the inflammation.

This is the main purpose of SPMs: to serve as an anti-inflammatory. It should be noted that SPMs can be incredibly helpful in alleviating pathological inflammation-based conditions as well.

Fish Oil

Here’s where the key differences between SPM Active vs fish oil start to get a little confusing.

SPMs are metabolites of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA). Basically, SPMs are the resulting creation of your metabolism breaking down PUFAs. These are your “essential fatty acids,” or EFAs, which means you can only acquire them through your diet. These EFAs are all part of the same fatty acid family. They include:

  • Arachidonic acid (AA)

  • Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA)

  • Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)

  • Alpha-linolenic acid (ALA)

  • Or n-3 DPA

If these names look familiar, then you’re already ahead of us. This family of EFAs are actually omega-3 fatty acids — the healthy fatty acids that are derived from fish oil.

So, what does this all mean?

Essentially, the SPMs that fight inflammation are created in the body from the omega-3 EFAs that come from fish oil. This intricate connection makes the individual distinctions between SPM Active vs fish oil difficult to discuss.

The Benefits of Fish Oil Supplements

When we talk about the benefits of fish oil, the differences between SPM Active vs fish oil can become even more blurred. We already know that SPMs work as anti-inflammatories. But, the omega-3 EFAs in fish oil have anti-inflammatory properties as well! Studies have shown that omega-3 fatty acids can dramatically improve chronic inflammation. This overlap exists because SPMs are metabolites of omega-3 fatty acids.

In addition to these anti-inflammatory properties, fish oil supplements can offer some other great benefits. A bounty of research has shown that omega-3 fatty acids can help reduce and manage your risk of heart disease. But, the list of health benefits doesn’t stop there. The omega-3 EFAs of fish oil have also been shown to:

  • Support healthy weight loss.

  • Aide growth and development during childhood.

  • Help treat certain mental disorders.

  • Support eye health.

  • And more!

The overlap of health benefits can go both ways! Studies have shown that SPMs can contribute to combating heart disease as well. It can also have beneficial impacts on Alzheimer’s disease, which fish oil can help treat too.

SPM Active vs Fish Oil Supplements: Which Is Better For Me?

Since these supplements share so many similarities, it can be tough to know which one is the best choice for you. When you compare SPM Active vs fish oil, it really comes down to how you plan to use it.

Those polyunsaturated fatty acids (e.g., EPA, DHA, etc.) are the precursors to SPMs. You need a good supply of those EFA precursors in your body to create SPMs in the future. It’s a good practice to build up those EFAs on a regular basis. This indicates that fish oil supplements are the best option for improving your long-term health.

SPM Active, on the other hand, is more of an immediate therapeutic intervention. The SPMs are all prepped and ready to go in the supplement itself. This preparation means that SPM Active is better suited to deal with immediate inflammation problems before they escalate and become worse. That’s where we see the biggest difference between SPM Active vs fish oil supplements.

What Are The Best Fish Oil Supplements?

OmegaGenics is another terrific essential fatty acid supplement from Metagenics.

With all the supplements in the industry these days, it’s tough to know which ones to trust. To ease your decision process, we rounded up some of the best Metagenics fish oil supplements.

OmegaGenics EPA-DHA 500 EC

This fantastic supplement features a concentrated and purified source of pharmaceutical-grade omega-3 fatty acids. These EFAs have been sustainably sourced from cold-water fish. Each softgel provides you with 300 mg of EPA and 200 mg of DHA (hence the “500”).

The capsules are enteric-coated, to ensure that they are digested in your intestines and not your stomach. This coating lets you get a blast of omega-3 fatty acids while avoiding any fishy digestive smells.

Attencia, a fish oil supplement packed with essential fatty acids.

Other OmegaGenics options are available as well! Do you want more omega-3 fatty acids? Try the 1000 option instead. Or maybe you need a different kind of metabolic support? Check out the other options to see what can best suit your needs.


As we’ve discussed the differences between SPM Active vs fish oil, we’ve focused mainly on inflammation and heart disease. But, omega-3 fatty acids have been proven to be incredibly beneficial for your cognitive abilities as well.

Attencia is an outstanding supplement that is designed to improve your focus and cognitive performance. Each serving is packed with 60 mg of EPA, 156 mg of DHA, and 120 mg of other EFAs. The softgels also include proprietary blends of caffeine to give you a nice energy blast. It’s a great supplement to help improve your productivity and your attention to detail.

Metakids DHA, the ideal fish oil supplement for kids, full of essential fatty acids.

MetaKids DHA

As the name implies, this fish oil supplement is designed specifically for children. With a concentrated and purified source of omega-3 fatty acids, MetaKids DHA helps support healthy growth and brain function. This supplement provides a total dose of 10 mg of EPA and 50 mg of DHA. Plus, it has a natural fruity flavor, so your kids won’t complain about a daily softgel.

Are you ready to choose the supplement that works best for you? Order your first container of your preferred supplement today and see the difference between SPM Active vs fish oil firsthand!

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