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The One-Two Punch For Your Child's Brain Health

We all want our children to have every advantage possible in life. We give them all of the love and attention and resources we can to help them live the best life possible. Sometimes however, it simply isn’t possible to be perfect in how we help our children develop. And one of the most important areas is your child's brain health.

As much as we try to get our children to eat a well-balanced diet with all of the vitamins, minerals, Omega 3s and phytonutrients they need, we often fall short. This affects brain health and development, and along with it, our child’s entire future. Medical studies show that children who don’t get the proper nutrients for brain health actually develop smaller brains, affecting behavior, learning and success throughout life.

How To Improve Your Child's Brain Health

Luckily, there is something we can do to give our children the nutrients they need for optimal brain function. Metagenics, a doctor’s nutrition line, has created the one-two punch for children’s brain health.

The "One"

Metagenics PhytoMulti Capsules, one of the best supplements to support your child's brain health.

The “One” of the one-two punch is Metagenic’s Phytomulti Kids. It is a complete multivitamin/multimineral supplement with the addition of 9 different fruit and vegetable powders and extracts, including broccoli, carrots, spinach, kale, brussel sprouts and blueberries, all in a great tasting chewable tablet.

In addition to using only the highest quality ingredients in Phytomulti kids, Metagenics also takes it to the next level for your child. In typical multivitamins, companies us a B vitamin called cyanocobalamin. It is a very cheaply made form of B12. It is so cheap in fact, that it is made using charcoal, and as a result actually has a cyanide molecule attached the cobalamin, or B12 molecule. That is why it is called cyanocobalamin. Now, of course this is not enough cyanide to cause widespread damage to the body, but it is also not optimal for the body to have to divert resources to trap it, filter it out and eliminate it. Instead of giving the body more detoxification to do, why not leave the cyanide out altogether? That’s what Metagenics has done.

Instead of using cyanocobalamin for their B12, Metagenics uses methylcobalamin. Methylcobalamin is a B12 molecule attached to a methyl group, which is a necessary nutrient actually used in many other processes in the body. So instead of producing toxic waste like many multivitamins do in the name of profit, Phytomulti Kids gives extra methyl molecules in addition to all of the phytochemicals and antioxidants your child’s brain health.

Metakids DHA supplement, one of the best ways to improve your child's brain health.

The "Two"

The “Two” of the One-Two punch for your child’s brain health is Omega-3 Fatty Acids. These are the “good fats” that make up the majority of our brain cells. There are 2 main types of Omega 3s in our brains; EPA and DHA. DHA makes up far more of our brain cells than does EPA, and supplementation with DHA has been shown in scientific studies to have a positive effect on brain function. Metagenic’s MetaKids DHA has been specifically designed to give your child the proper ratio of DHA/EPA for maximum brain building. More brain cells (neurons) means more connections, and more connections equals smarter kids. With 80% DHA and 20% EPA per softgel, your child not only gets the cell building blocks from the DHA, but also the anti-inflammatory effects of the EPA.

Where Can I Get These Supplements to Improve My Child's Brain Health?

Hope N Wellness is dedicated to providing anyone with high-quality nutritional supplements to improve their overall health. If you want to support the healthy development of your child's brain health, one of these two supplements could be perfect for you.

If you want to give your child the optimal nutritional support for maximum brain function, order Metagenics PhytoMulti or try out MetaKids DHA today.

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