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3 Surprising SPM Active Benefits That Could Change Your Life

The potential health benefits of SPM Active just seem to never end. This incredible supplement from Metagenics can offer some truly wonderful benefits across a wide range of conditions. The main purpose of SPM Active is, of course, to combat inflammation. However, this handy supplement can offer some impressive additional benefits for your health. You might be surprised as to how SPM Active can improve your wellbeing and your life. We’ve rounded up 3 of the more intriguing benefits that captured our attention recently.

A Recap On SPM Active

To understand how SPM Active can benefit your health, it helps to first understand the science behind it. SPM Active is a supplement that is designed to increase our SPM count. Specialized pro-resolving mediators (SPMs) are unique cell signalers within the body. SPMs function mainly as anti-inflammatories, to help keep your inflammatory response under control. But, where exactly do these special resolution agonists come from?

SPMs are produced in the body through the metabolism of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs). The process results in the creation of SPM metabolites. These can include Lipoxins, Resolvins, Protectins, and/or Maresins. Those metabolites all function as anti-inflammatories, but evidence suggests they serve additional functions as well.

What is SPM Active? Or, more specifically, what is in SPM Active? The actual supplement, SPM Active, is loaded up with standardized SPM content. Each softgel is loaded with two different kinds of PUFAs: 18-HEPE and 17-HDHA. These polyunsaturated fatty acids are the best building blocks for those SPM metabolites. The supplement is specifically designed to spur the creation of those metabolites.

How SPM Active Benefits Can Impact Your Life

Our numerous blogs should make it clear how SPMs can help quell inflammation and fight chronic inflammation based conditions. We’ve discussed those anti-inflammatory properties at length in other in-depth articles. There are, however, some other potential SPM Active benefits that we haven’t touched on just yet. Let’s dive into a few of these impressive potential benefits.

Improve Your Health & Your Infant's Health

Let’s make one thing clear before we discuss this health benefit: SPM Active isn’t designed for children. This innovative supplement should be reserved only for adult consumption. That being said, SPM Active can indirectly influence the health of your young infant. While additional research is required for a complete understanding, evidence suggests that SPMs play an integral role in the health of young babies.

Research has found that breast milk contains high levels of SPMs. This suggests that SPMs have a protective effect throughout the length of infancy. It’s also worth noting that a higher omega-3 fatty acid intake during pregnancy can result in altered SPM levels in the placenta. Research has also found that increased SPM levels can reduce the risk of various peripartum maternal health issues. All of this research indicates that SPM Active benefits your own health as mother and the health of your infant as well.

Help You Age Gracefully

Who doesn’t want to live a long and healthy life? This ubiquitous dream can be achieved simply by maintaining the health of your body. That is often easier said than done. From exercise and proper nutrition to your day job and environmental oxidative stressors, many things can influence your overall health. Our bodies inevitably start to break down and it’s up to you to slow down that decay. SPM Active can help with that.

Studies have revealed that SPMs, specifically lipoxins and resolvins, can help heal your tendons. Furthermore, those same SPMs can maintain that health for years to come. That means SPM Active benefits your mobility and can help improve your flexibility as well. You’ll be able to walk around on your own with minimal assistance as you slowly age.

SPM Active can contribute to healthy aging in other ways as well. For instance, research has shown that SPMs can combat neurodegenerative diseases, like Alzheimer’s and the like. With proper supplementation, you’ll be able to maintain a healthy mind well into your old age.

Keep Your Lungs Healthy

SPM Active, a high-quality supplement from Metagenics available through HopeNWellness.

Breathe in, breathe out. Well-functioning healthy lungs are integral pieces to a long and healthy life. Having healthy lungs isn’t always easy for everyone though. Some people got hooked on cigarettes decades ago and just can’t quit. Others have grown up with breathing problems that are incredibly difficult to alleviate properly. Fortunately, clinical research studies have recently discovered how SPMs can benefit your lung health as well.

As it turns out, SPMs have been shown to combat pathological lung problems, such as Asthma and Pneumonia. While SPMs can’t cure these lung issues, they can help mitigate the problems and contribute to a solution. Evidence has also suggested that resolvin metabolites can contribute to better functioning lungs. These studies point to the possibility that SPM Active benefits those with breathing difficulties.

Realize The Benefits Of SPM Active First-Hand

SPM Active is first and foremost an effective anti-inflammatory. Even if you don’t suffer from many instances of inflammation, you can still benefit greatly from this supplement. SPM Active has the potential to benefit your health on multiple fronts. It’s an incredible supplement and we’re proud to offer it at an affordable price to our customers.

Are you ready to see SPM Active benefits firsthand? Order your first container of SPM Active today!

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