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3 Reasons You Need To Try A SPM Supplement

Everyone knows that there are all kinds of unique supplements out on the market today, with specific functions and health benefits. In recent years, a highly specialized supplement has come to the forefront of the public interest. People everywhere are starting to integrate a SPM supplement into their daily diets. While it is mainly used as an anti-inflammatory, this kind of product can be adopted for a variety of reasons.

We wanted to examine some of the most common benefits that a supplement, like SPM Active, can offer you. If you’re looking to improve your health and well-being, you’re in the right place.

Brief Recap: What Are SPMs?

Specialized pro-resolving mediators, otherwise known as SPMs, are cell signaling molecules that are formed within your cells by the metabolism of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs). The resulting metabolites from PUFAs like n-3 DPA and arachidonic acid (AA) work mainly as anti-inflammatories, but they also serve other functions. These metabolites typically include Lipoxins, Resolvins, Protectins, and Maresins.

Simply put, SPMs signal to the immune system to stop inflammation in the body before it gets out of control. This cell signaling ability is a vital part of the healing process. It’s also been shown that SPMs can help reduce pain throughout the body in addition to their healing functions.

Now that we have a clearer picture of specialized pro-resolving mediators, let’s dive into how an SPM supplement can benefit you.

Improve Your Body’s Inflammatory Resolution

For decades, the majority of the scientific community agreed that inflammation resolution was a passive process. However, that assumption has been challenged in recent years. Research now points to the conclusion that inflammation resolution is an active process that depends on adequate SPM production. If your body has an inadequate SPM status, you can hinder your body’s natural recovery process.

When you’ve got a steady supply of the building blocks for SPMs, your body will be well prepared for any instances of inflammation. A supplement, like SPM Active, will help you get a more efficient and complete resolution to your inflammation issues. What could be better than that?

Enjoy Better Fitness From Improved Workouts

While SPMs work to quell inflammation in the body, they may additionally work to support physical fitness. In fact, research has shown that a supplement for SPMs can help reduce normal exercise-related pains before and after workouts. Metagenics, a leading manufacturer of supplements, has conducted their own clinical case studies on the correlation between SPMs and physical exercise. Those case studies found that the daily supplementation of SPM Active can lead to:

  • Reductions in bodily discomfort after a typical workout

  • And improvements in mood, mental clarity, stress, and fatigue

But the fitness benefits of SPMs don’t stop there. Additional research has also linked low SPM production to excess body fat. Of course, plenty of factors influence your weight regulation, such as diet, metabolism, and exercise. However, if you’re looking to keep weight off during your fitness journey, remember to include a supplement for SPMs in your diet.

Support For Many Health Issues

While SPMs are produced for inflammation-resolution, they can offer additional support for your health in other ways. As research has begun to uncover these benefits, we now know that SPMs play supportive roles in microbial defense, organ protection, tissue regeneration, neurobiology-cognition, and many other bodily efficiencies. This means it’s possible that a SPM supplement can offer support for, and mitigate the symptoms of:

  • Chronic inflammation-based conditions, such as autoimmune diseases and diabetes

  • Pathological lung issues, such as asthma or pneumonia

SPM Active, a high-quality SPM supplement.

Additional research has shown that SPMs can encourage your immune cells to be more protective and negate the downsides of environmental stressors. It’s clear that SPMs play vital roles in your overall health and well-being.

Try SPM Active: The Top SPM Supplement On The Market

If you’re interested in leveraging the power of SPMs, there’s no better option than SPM Active. Metagenics was the first supplement manufacturer to introduce SPMs to the market in 2015. The ground-breaking formula of Metagenics’ SPM Active has been intensely studied for years and that research has shown this supplement can achieve stellar results. You won’t find any other SPM standardized dietary supplement on the market that matches the quality of SPM Active.

Order your first batch of SPM Active today to quell your inflammation and start improving your well-being.

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