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The Key To Regularity: Fiber

In the wake of an obesity epidemic, we are constantly hearing about how poor the average American diet is. We tend to get too many carbs and fats, and not enough essential vitamins and other key nutrients, like fiber. It’s tough to combat this dilemma since it's easier to swing by a fast-food drive-thru than it is to prepare a well-balanced meal at home. This is the weakness that the supplement industry has capitalized on, providing people with the opportunity to not have to choose between healthy and convenient. With that being said, there is a lot of misinformation out there surrounding supplements, and we all tend to overlook our digestive health.

It is important to note that you do not need supplements to lead and maintain a healthy lifestyle. You can achieve the appropriate nutritional intake when you stick to a healthy and well-balanced diet. However, supplements can come in handy when you are having trouble filling a nutrient void in your diet. Let's talk about a common void in the American diet: Fiber.

Fiber: The Essential Nutrient For Optimal Digestive Health

Fiber is a plant-based nutrient that resists digestive enzymes to keep food moving through the digestive system. It is commonly found in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Unfortunately, a Big Mac is not likely to be a high source of this essential nutrient.

So, how much fiber do you really need? National recommendations generally suggest that you get roughly 14 grams of fiber for every 1,000 calories that you ingest (Harvard Health). This means for a standard 2,000 calorie daily diet, your fiber intake should range from about 27 to 40 total grams (bear in mind some age groups need more fiber than others).

There are two different types fiber that work together to provide the benefits of the nutrient – soluble and insoluble.

Soluble Fiber

Soluble fiber absorbs water from food which slows the digestion process. A slowed digestion can support healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Insoluble Fiber

Insoluble fiber neither absorbs water nor is digested. Instead, insoluble fiber accelerates the passage of waste and food through the digestive tract.

The Benefits Of A High Fiber Diet

Fiber is clearly important, so let's talk about what role it plays in your overall health and digestion (Healthline). A high fiber diet offers a wealth of benefits for you, including:

  • Weight loss and weight management.

  • Supports healthy blood sugar levels.

  • Normalizing your bowel movements and promoting digestive regularity.

  • Supports healthy cholesterol levels.

  • Improves immune system function through healthier gut bacteria.

  • Promotes overall heart health.

Pure Encapsulations – PureLean Fiber Powder, a fiber supplement that offers outstanding support for your digestive health.

All of these benefits play an important role in your general health. If your diet becomes unbalanced, then these aspects may be positively or negatively impacted.

Improving Gut Health and Digestive Support With A Fiber Supplement

If you’re interested in increasing your fiber intake, then consider adding a high-quality fiber supplement to your diet! At HopeNWellness, we have partnered up with a handful of reputable supplement manufacturers. These partnerships allow us to provide high-quality supplements at affordable costs to those who need them. And we’ve got two excellent fiber supplements for you to consider.

Pure Encapsulations’ PureLean® Fiber is a terrific fiber supplement option that is loaded with soluble and insoluble fibers. Each serving features 3 grams of soluble fiber and roughly 3 grams of insoluble fiber, for a total of 6 grams of dietary fiber. It all comes from a unique proprietary fiber blend that features CreaFiber cellulose, Sunfiber®, fruit powders and more. It’s a nonflavored powder supplement that can be easily added and mixed into water or a beverage of your choice.

Natural Dynamix – Adult Gummy Fiber DX, a fiber supplement that offers outstanding support for your digestive health.

If you’re looking for a non-powder fiber supplement, then Natural Dynamix – Adult Gummy Fiber DX could be just what you need! For every 2 gummies that you consume, you’ll gain 4 grams of soluble fiber. The product also contains inulin, which is a prebiotic soluble-fiber that works to improve the balance of good and bad bacteria in your gut health. It’s a simple supplement that will undoubtedly contribute to improving your health in numerous ways.

Tips For Adding Fiber To Your Diet

It’s always a good idea to consult your physician whenever you are considering adding a supplement to your dietary routine. Follow the recommendations of your primary physician above all others.

When adding fiber to your diet, remember the age-old idiom: “slow and steady wins the race.” Too much fiber too quickly can cause bloating, gas, and cramping. If you're taking other supplements or medications too, it is recommended to take them at least 1 hour before taking a fiber supplement or at least 2 hours after to avoid digestive discomfort.

Order Your First Fiber Supplement for Digestive Support Today

If you struggle with regular digestion or getting an adequate amount of fiber on a regular basis, then it may be time to add a fiber supplement to your diet. Order your first batch of Pure Encapsulations’ PureLean® Fiber or Natural Dynamix’s Adult Gummy Fiber DX today to start experiencing better digestive health!

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