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Balancing the Microbiome

It is well known that there is both good and bad bacteria that plays a role in the overall health of our bodies. The makeup of this bacteria ecosystem is referred to as the human microbiome. The microbiome includes all of the genetic material of all of the microbes that live in and on the human body. What most people are less familiar with, however, is how to keep the microbiom in equilibrium. With 70 percent of your immune system being controlled in your gut, the regulation of your digestive system is a substantial part of overall health. It just so happens that it is much easier to offset this balance than it is to maintain it, though.

5 Factors That Influence Your Microbiome

There are FIVE key factors that can thwart the balance of the microbiome and many of us encounter one or more of these stressors on a daily basis.

1) Stress – Research shows that stress can effect gastric secretions, gut motility, mucosal permeability, and barrier function, visceral sensitivity, and mucosal blood flow. These all seem like big, scary, medical words, but ultimately, what it comes down to is the fact that stress, even when acute, can hinder your gut's ability to function properly.

2) Exercise – In the middle of an obesity crisis, we are well aware that lack of exercise can have detrimental effects on your health and wellness. At a more fundamental level, though, a lack of exercise actually limits the diversity of bacteria you are exposed to, thus minimizing the number of species that exist in your microbiome. Having a more diverse profile of microbes helps the body improve the ability to resist different types of infection.

3) Diet – In relation to lack of exercise, a poorly balanced diet can impact the microbes that exist in your gut. A low-fiber and high-sugar diet offsets the balance because sugar feeds the bad bacteria, while fiber feeds the good. In imbalanced proportions, you can very easily distort the microbiome makeup and compromise your health.

4) Antibiotics – Antibiotics are an equal opportunity offender when it comes to attacking bacteria. When your immune system is compromised by an excess of bad bacteria, antibiotics are used to restore healthy levels, unfortunately, this restoration can only occur by way of eliminating good bacteria, too.

5) Birth Method – This stressor is much further out of our control than some of the other factors that play a role in our gut health, but research has shown that babies who are born via C-section present with reduced bacterial diversity, as well as lower levels of good bacteria.

UltraFlora Probiotics

Probiotics are live microorganisms that have effects on the microbiome. While widely recognized for the role they play on gut health, probiotics offer many more benefits, including:

Ultraflora Balance, a probiotic supplement that can balance your microbiome.
  • Support for nasal, sinus, and respiratory health

  • Increased nutrient absorption

  • Digestive comfort

  • Vaginal and urogenital health

  • Overall immune support

UltraFlora Probiotics use genetically identified strains to ensure that they include beneficial microorganisms only. Not only that, but the strains have undergone many rounds of clinical testing to confirm health benefits. With 12 distinct formulas manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility, UltraFlora probiotics can help you achieve a variety of unique health goals from weight management to general wellness.

Where Can I Get UltraFlora Probiotics?

Thanks to our unique partnership, Hope N Wellness readily provides UltraFlora Probiotics and other products that can help balance your microbiome. Improve your gut health today!

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