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The Metagenics Keto Diet: How You Can Best Support Your Ketosis

There is no shortage of unique dieting styles and strategies. From Atkins to Paleo, each one has the potential to help people achieve their weight loss goals. The ketogenic diet is one of the newest dieting styles to join the mix. This low-carb dieting strategy can be difficult for some and it can be tricky to achieve the right nutritional values. Thankfully, things can become a little easier when you add Metagenics to the keto diet. Their nutritional supplements, like the Metagenics ketogenic shake, can offer the ideal nutritional support that you need for your keto diet. Let’s examine how these supplements can best support your weight loss goals.

First, Let’s Recap: What Is The Keto Diet?

Before we dive into the benefits offered by Metagenics for the keto diet, let’s make the diet easier to understand. View our deep dive article to learn more about the minute details of the keto diet.

There are three macronutrients our bodies need to function properly: carbs, fats, and proteins. The keto diet restricts the number of carbs you eat and you replace those missing calories primarily with fats. With less carbs, your metabolism shifts into a natural state of ketosis. In this state, your body burns fat to provide the fuel your body needs to function properly. As you may have guessed, this dieting style often results in weight loss, as more and more fat is burned up in the body.

So, how do you achieve ketosis? Eat less than 50 grams of carbs every day! It’s no easy task. Think about all carbs that exist in your daily coffee, snacks, and meals. They add up quickly, so it can be difficult to transition to a low-carb diet. You can make it a little easier on yourself by adding Metagenics to the keto diet.

Implementing Metagenics With The Keto Diet: How Metagenics Supports Your Ketosis

Let’s assume you’re following the recommended 2000 calories standard ketogenic diet — 75% fat, 20% protein, and 5% carbs. After you do the math, you need to eat roughly 167 grams of fat, 100 grams of protein, and 25 grams of carbs. That’s a lot of fats to eat, and a lot of high fat foods also contain plenty of carbs. It’s difficult to stick to this keto structure! Thankfully, it becomes simpler when you implement Metagenics with the keto diet.

There are plenty of Metagenics supplements that can support your ketosis, but nothing really compares to the Metagenics ketogenic shake. Available in two delicious flavors (chocolate and vanilla), this shake is a convenient way to blast your body with extra fat and protein, while limiting your carb intake. Each serving of this nutritional shake mix includes 20 grams of fat, 18 grams of protein, and only 9 grams of carbs. In addition, it provides you with:

  • A healthy mix of 25 essential vitamins and minerals.

  • Mild antioxidant support.

  • And more!

But, the benefits of Metagenics for the keto diet don’t stop there. To top off the high fat content, the Metagenics ketogenic shake offers 5 grams of medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) per serving.

Why Do These MCTs Matter?

Well, these MCTs can make a huge difference in your weight loss journey. These fatty acid chains have been widely popularized because of the numerous ways they can benefit weight loss.

The Metagenics ketogenic shake, a great supplement to support the keto diet.

Research has shown that MCTs can increase the release of hormones that make you feel more full. This effectively quells your appetite and helps limit how much food you eat. Additional studies have shown that MCTs can significantly reduce your body weight and waist circumference. Some experts believe that MCTs can even help prevent obesity! Hopefully it’s clear that MCTs can work wonders for weight loss, but these small triglycerides can support your journey in other ways.

Exercise is an essential piece of any weight loss strategy. Our workouts require energy and MCTs can help provide that for you, almost instantly. In fact, because they are of a shorter chain length, MCTs are streamlined to your liver to be broken down and provide you with immediate energy. When you take the Metagenics ketogenic shake as a pre-workout, you get a burst of energy to fuel your exercises and to help you lose weight.

Of course, you need to take some time off between workouts to recover. During that recovery time, lactic acid builds up in your muscles, which negatively impacts your performance. You can alleviate that lactic acid in a number of ways, but MCTs may be the easiest way. Studies have shown that MCTs may help lower your lactate levels and even make it easier to exercise. So, when you add Metagenics to the keto diet, you can get more out of your workouts and get back to exercising faster.

Try The Metagenics Keto Diet With The Metagenics Ketogenic Shake

The ketogenic diet isn’t the easiest weight loss strategy to stick to. We know how hard it can be to avoid those tasty carb-loaded temptations and still balance your nutritional needs. There’s no need to starve yourself! You can make it easier by adding the Metagenics ketogenic shake to your dieting strategy. It’s the perfect nutritional support to help you meet your weight loss goals.

Order your first batch today and start experiencing the benefits of the Metagenics keto diet first hand!

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