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3 Incredible Facts About Probiotics From Metagenics

Due to this rising popularity this past decade, probiotics have now become synonymous with health and wellness. Clinical research has shown everyone how vital probiotics are for maintaining your overall health. While there are plenty of probiotic suppliers out there, none of them can match the superior quality of Metagenics. This industry-leading supplement manufacturer produces some of the best probiotics on the market today. Why are the probiotics from Metagenics the best choice for you? We feel that it really comes down to a few crucial aspects of their company.

At HopeNWellness, we are proud to partner with Metagenics and provide their high-quality supplements to our customers. As we founded our organization, we were originally drawn to Metagenics for a handful of reasons. Let’s dive into the defining characteristics that help Metagenics stand out in the probiotic marketspace.

Metagenics Probiotics Have A Superior Quality Guarantee

Many of the probiotics that are on the market today can vary significantly in terms of potency, efficacy, and safety. This lack of consistency can be due to a variety of factors, like product contaminants, wrongly identified probiotic strains, and a lack of quality control measures. When it comes to their probiotics, Metagenics takes quality control incredibly seriously.

Metagenics ensures reliability, quality, and purity in their probiotic supplements by adhering to strict testing guidelines. Each supplement undergoes multiple tests throughout the production process by an expert in-house microbiology and QA team. The raw materials are tested upon receipt for contaminants and purity, and the team will always identify the correct genetic strain as well. Metagenics also relies on a scientifically validated methodology to test the total viable count of probiotics in a given product.

To maintain the probiotic viability of a product through the expiration date, Metagenics takes specific protective control measures. Every supplement is produced, packaged, and stored in a controlled environment. By regulating the humidity and temperature, Metagenics ensures the stability of the product. Further testing is conducted under storage conditions to guarantee the potency of each probiotic product.

As a probiotic manufacturer, Metagenics goes the extra mile with their quality control measures. They have such faith in the quality of their probiotics that Metagenics gives you access to their quality testing information. By utilizing their TruQuality search tool, you can view the formula information for any product that they create. You can’t beat that level of transparency with any other probiotic supplier.

Metagenics Manufacturing Goes Above And Beyond

At every turn, Metagenics aims to meet and exceed customer expectations. That dedication to record-breaking excellence is instilled in their manufacturing process as well. The production facilities of Metagenics are state-of-the-art and incredibly efficient. In fact, their facilities are so exceptional that Metagenics has received a Triple GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certification.

What does that rare certification mean? Basically it certifies that Metagenics excels at all aspects of the production process. From the starting materials, premises, and equipment, to the employee training, and staff hygiene, Metagenics consistently goes above and beyond for the customer. They make it look easy to exceed the established standards for Good Manufacturing Practices.

As we mentioned earlier, each Metagenics facility is outfitted with advanced environmental controls. This gives Metagenics the ability to protect their probiotics from over-exposure to heat, light, and moisture. Throughout the manufacturing process, Metagenics works to protect the potency and quality of their top-tier probiotics.

Metagenics Probiotics Have A Range Of Applications

The main goal of any probiotic is to help balance your microbiome from within your gut. That doesn’t mean probiotics from Metagenics can’t do more for you though. The probiotic supplements from Metagenics can offer a wide range of health benefits and applications, which include:

  • Strengthening the immune system

  • Weight loss/weight management support

  • Mood improvements

  • Better urogenital health

  • Improving physical and mental health conditions

  • And more

UltraFlora Balance, probiotics from Metagenics.

Metagenics has an impressive line-up of UltraFlora probiotics with 12 distinct formulas. Each cutting-edge probiotic blend has unique strains and applications, while still adhering to the strict quality control process. We are absolutely positive that there is an UltraFlora probiotic that can address your needs.

Are you looking for daily immune system support? Then UltraFlora Balance could be the right daily probiotic for you. Or are you in need of targeted relief from an occasional discomfort? From UltraFlora Synergy to UltraFlora BiomePro, Metagenics probiotics can provide the relief that you’re looking for.

Improve Your Health With Probiotics From Metagenics

No matter where you look on the supplement market, you won’t find probiotics that can match the quality of Metagenics. This outstanding company is entirely focused on delivering the optimal health results to you. By adhering to exceptional manufacturing standards, you receive probiotics that are potent, viable, and of superior quality.

Order your first shipment of UltraFlora probiotics from Metagenics today to start living your best life!

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