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How Anti-Inflammatory Supplements Can Help You

We wake up, go about our daily routines, and return home, all-the-while we intake a great number of environmental stressors into our bodies. The oxidative stress we endure is derived from oxygen and the by-products that surround us; this can create an imbalance in our body’s abilities to counteract or detoxify any harmful by-products. Aside from the air we breathe, the food we consume can also clog our body with harmful barriers and imbalances as well. Oxidative stress and other stressors may not seem like huge pressing problems right now, however these stressors can inhibit your body’s abilities greatly and prevent you from living the best life that you could be.

Dr. Gregory Funk, founder of Hope N Wellness, has recognized these stressors for years and, thankfully, has identified a supplement to alleviate these problems: Planetary Herbals - Inflama-Care Turmeric/Boswellia Complex 1165 mg. - 60 Tablets and Kyolic - Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract Curcumin - 100 Capsules.

How Does Tumeric and Boswellia Help with Inflammation?

These dietary supplement tablets contain highly concentrated extracts of turmeric, Boswellia and ginger that have a long history of treating not only oxidative stress, but also a plethora of other health issues such as cholesterol and/or weight problems.

Inflama-Care Turmeric/Boswellia Complex inhibits pro-inflammatory compounds such as COX-2 and NF-KB and has been shown to:

Planetary Herbals - Inflama-Care Turmeric/Boswellia Complex 1165 mg. - 60 Tablets
  • Provides natural herbal response to metabolic inflammation
  • Increases full-body antioxidant activity.
  • Support healthy antioxidant balance and detoxification
  • Help enhance anti-inflammatory cytokines
  • Help lower cholesterol, blood sugar, and weight gain

How Does Curcumin and Aged Garlic Help with Inflammation?

Kyolic - Curcumin Turmeric Herbal Supplement - 50 Capsules features Curcumin and Aged Garlic, both of which can help support the body’s response to oxidative stress and other stressors. Studies have been conducted on these ingredients and we have only begun to understand the bounty of other health benefits these flavonoids have to offer. It has also been shown to:

  • Inhibiting inflammatory processes, diabetes, and other illnesses
  • Help reduce liver damage
  • Support cell health to fight oxidative stress

By combining these two ingredients, our Kyolic - Curcumin Turmeric Herbal Supplement offers you the strongest defense against oxidative stress and other environmental stressors, while also helping inhibit/prevent other life-threatening illnesses from becoming more impactful on your daily routine.

Kyolic - Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract Curcumin - 100 Capsules

Will Anti-Inflammatory Supplements Help Me?

Everyone’s body responds differently to oxidative stress and any kind of supplement. As stated earlier, even if you’re not affected daily by stressors, health issues, or oxidative stress, these can be life-altering issues that compound upon one another for years and years. The best way to ensure the longevity of your health is to get ahead of the curve now, while you still can.

If you suffer from inflammation, aortic issues, liver damage, oxidative stress, or any of the problems listed above, anti-inflammatory supplements could be exactly what you need! You can learn more about other anti-inflammatory supplements that HopeNWellness recommends, which can help alleviate some of these similar issues.

Where Can I Get Anti-Inflammatory Supplements?

LuckyVitamin.com readily provides containers of Planetary Herbals - Inflama-Care Turmeric/Boswellia Complex 1165 mg. - 60 Tablets, and many other anti-inflammatory. It’s just one of the many flavonoid products that are ready for purchase through their online store.

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