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Choosing The Right Multi-Vitamin

Although we try to eat a good, balanced diet, we all fall short from time to time. And even when we eat a healthy diet, we can still fall short on the key vitamins and minerals we need for our bodies to function optimally. A good multivitamin is the best way to fill in those nutritional gaps. But with so many choices out there, how do we know which is the right one for us? At HopeNWellness, we have unique partnerships with supplements manufacturers that allow us to provide high-quality supplements at affordable prices. As such, we have rounded up a few of our top recommendations for quality multivitamins.

How To Choose The Best Multivitamin For You

Before you purchase a multivitamin, it’s important to do your research on a given supplement.

What To Look For In A Vitamin Supplement

First and foremost, you need to examine the quality of a given multivitamin. Store-bought vitamins are made for mass production, which means they are made as quickly and cheaply as possible, without regard for what the body really needs. This is because the motivation for most companies that produce multivitamins is profit, pure and simple. For instance, did you know that the B12 in most multivitamins in made using charcoal? Because of that choice to use charcoal, the vitamin may have cyanide in it. Of course, that cyanide may exist in trace amounts and is obviously not enough to cause you harm, but it is also not optimal for the body.

This form of vitamin B12 is called cyanocobalamin and is commonly found throughout the supplement market. But, what happens to the cyanide molecule that was attached to the actual B12, or cobalamin? The answer is that the body has to divert precious resources to filtering that molecule out and eliminating it from the body.

So, instead of taking a cheap vitamin every day with B12 bound to a cyanide molecule, why not take a good quality vitamin with methylcobalamin instead? This form of Vitamin B12 is bound to a methyl group, which your body actually uses in many different metabolic processes, making it a safer alternative to cyanocobalamin. It only makes sense, right?

Seeking Health – Optimal Multivitamin, a high-quality daily multivitamin that’s available for purchase through HopeNWellness.

More Than A Multivitamin

As long as you’re taking a multivitamin every day, why not take one that has more in it than just isolated vitamins and minerals in it? Wouldn’t it be better to take a multivitamin that offers you other beneficial properties, like antioxidants? Well we’ve got two terrific options for you.

Seeking Health – Optimal Multivitamin

If you’re looking for a truly exceptional multivitamin supplement, consider Seeking Health – Optimal Multivitamin. This impressive daily multivitamin contains more than 50 nutritional ingredients with a special base of green superfoods and a specialized fruits and veggies blend. Each serving is loaded with a vast array of essential vitamins and minerals, numerous bioflavonoids, a handful of amino acids and enzymes. You’ll gain optimal nutrition, antioxidant support, a healthier immune system, and more normalized energy production.

There is simply nothing like it on the market.

Nature’s Lab – One Daily Multivitamin

On the other hand, we would also recommend Nature’s Lab – One Daily Multivitamin. This is another terrific option to help you meet your nutritional needs, support a stronger immune system, promote energy production and cell growth, and keep yourself healthy. This multivitamin relies on natural and non-GMO ingredients, and combines 21 essential vitamins and minerals with added antioxidant nutrients. And it comes with a 100% money back guarantee if you’re not fully satisfied with the product.

Nature’s Lab – One Daily Multivitamin, a daily multivitamin that’s available for purchase through HopeNWellness.

It’s a convenient and efficient way to easily improve your daily nutrition.

Order Your First Batch Of These Amazing Vitamins

If you’re looking for the best multivitamin to help your brain and body function their best, you may benefit greatly from Seeking Health – Optimal Multivitamin or Nature’s Lab – One Daily Multivitamin. As always, when you purchase this supplement 25% of the proceeds go to Feeding America to help feed children in need.

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