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Combat Viruses With The Best Supplements For Immune Support

We all could use some extra immune system support these days. Each one of us is exposed to harmful bacteria, viruses, and the like every day. Even during a quick evening trip to the corner store for a few groceries, you risk encountering numerous infected surfaces. The best way to ward off infections is through a healthy and balanced diet, but that is often easier said than done. Fortunately, many health supplements can help keep your immune system healthy and strong all year round. We’ve rounded up some of the best supplements for immune support to help strengthen your immune system this year.

By leveraging these daily supplements, your immune system will be firing on all cylinders. Let’s dive into some of the ways that these supplements can benefit you.

A Few Of The Best Supplements For Immune Support

Everyone knows that Vitamin C can help ward off viruses and infections, like the common cold or the flu (NIH). It has become clear over the years that this vitamin plays an integral role of your immune system functionality. However, additional research from the NIH has shown that Zinc can be effective in the immune system fight as well. If you make sure you receive your daily recommended amounts of these essential vitamins, your immune system should maintain its integrity.

That said, you can take your immune system to the next level by leveraging these 3 ground-breaking supplements. These cutting-edge supplements will work to boost your immune system in a variety of ways. Let’s dive in!

System Well – Ultimate Immunity

If you’re looking for a well-rounded supplement to boost your immunity on multiple fronts, then Nature’s Way System Well Ultimate Immunity dietary supplement could be just what you need. This innovative supplement leverages a multi-system defense formula to support 5 essential aspects of a healthy immune system (i.e., respiratory, digestive, systemic, circulatory, and cellular). It accomplishes that goal by packing in 7 different proprietary blends into each serving, which include:

  • A circulatory immunity blend – Features garlic, cordyceps, and cayenne pepper.

  • A systemic immunity blend – Features echinacea purpurea, astragalus root, olive leaf, and myrrh gum.

  • A cellular immunity blend – Features inositol hexaphosphate and a variety of beneficial mushrooms.

  • A digestive immunity blend – Features arabinogalactan, Oregon grape root, goldenseal root, and Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium cultures.

  • A respiratory immunity blend – Features fenugreek, horehound herb, thyme, and elecampane root.

  • A lymphatic immunity blend – Features Siberian eleuthero root, guggul extract, rosemary leaf, and plantain leaf extract.

  • And an epidermal immunity blend – Features gotu kola and an aloe leaf blend.

To top it all off, each serving of this supplement additionally features a healthy burst of Vitamins A, C, and D, alongside a healthy doses of zinc and selenium. The System Well Ultimate Immunity is one of the best supplements for immune support as it simultaneously emphasizes healthy nutrition alongside targeted support for many of your internal systems.

ZAHLER® Multi Vitamin Immune System Support

As we mentioned earlier, a well-balanced diet is essential to maintaining a strong immune system. A concentrated blend of fruits and vegetables can help you achieve that healthy diet and gain some of those essential micronutrients.

Research published on the database of the National Institutes of Health have shown that fruits and vegetables (even in powder form) can help increase the activity of natural killer cells in your immune system. Fruits and veggies can additionally provide antioxidant defense against circulating toxins and actually protect your DNA from damages that can cause mutations.

For that reason, we routinely recommend ZAHLER® Daily Multi Vitamin + Immune System Support because it’s packed with the micronutrient and phytonutrient content to make it one of the best supplements for immune support out there. With this Daily Multi Vitamin, you’ll find an incredible wholefood fruit and veggie complex that’s loaded with 29 plant extracts in each serving. This complex is called Spectra™, which is a scientifically created and clinically studied phytonutrient blend that’s designed to support cellular health and antioxidant action. The Spectra™ blend includes extracts from organic fruits and vegetables including turmeric, garlic, green tea, broccoli, carrot, raspberry, blackberry, quercetin, acerola, basil, mangosteen, cassia bark, carrot root, and much more.

In addition, ZAHLER®’s Daily Multi Vitamin is additionally loaded with an abundance of 20 essential vitamins and minerals. It also features ParActin®, which is another clinically tested and published extract, which has been shown to improve and support the immune system response. It’s difficult to find another supplement that can offer similar immune system benefits, so order your first batch today!

Botanic Choice – Vitamin D3 2000 IU

Our final supplement spotlight focuses in on the importance of vitamin D. Research published in the Journal of Investigative Medicine has documented how vitamin D is vital for a properly functioning immune system. Vitamin D deficiencies have been shown to negatively impact the body’s ability to fight off infections and diseases. Through proper vitamin D supplementation, you can actually improve your immune system defenses.

Most healthcare professionals agree that a daily Vitamin D dosage of 800 IU (international units) is the optimal level for maintaining a healthy immune system. The Botanic Choice Vitamin D3 - 2000 IU dietary supplement provides 2,000 IU per serving (or 50 mcg)! With that amount of Vitamin D, your immune system will have the resources it needs to stay healthy and strong for a little while. And thanks to our partnership with Botanic Choice, you can acquire this immune-boosting supplement for a very affordable price!

There are, of course, many other immune-boosting supplements that we didn’t have time to cover here. If you combine these daily supplements with your daily doses of Vitamin C and Zinc, alongside a healthy diet, you’ll be able to keep your immune system in tip-top shape for the foreseeable future.

Order your first batch of these innovative supplements today to start living a healthier lifestyle.

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