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Prenatal Supplements and How They Can Benefit Your Baby

If you’re expecting or even expecting to be expecting, congratulations! Bringing a baby into this world is an enormous journey, but a richly rewarding one as well. Like any other parent, you want to give your baby the best chance possible in our highly competitive world. Fortunately, prenatal supplements can help give your baby an advantage not only in their first year outside the womb, but possibly even throughout the developmental stages of their young life.

What Are Prenatal Supplements and Why Are They Important?

Prenatal supplements are the multivitamins that pregnant women need to take to provide extra nutrients to their developing babies. Without proper prenatal nutrition, your developing baby may not be as healthy as possible and may even struggle during their infancy (Healthline).

But, prenatal nutrition can also impact your health as the expectant mother too. Mothers support their growing babies with oxygen, nutrients, and more, which places strain on your health. Focusing on proper nutrition as a pregnant mom is important for your baby and for you.

How Can Prenatal Supplements Benefit My Baby?

Of course, the first step to proper prenatal nutrition is a balanced diet. However, it can be tricky to take in all the essential vitamins and minerals that are critical for healthy fetal development and a healthy pregnancy through whole foods alone. Numerous studies have documented the positive impacts that certain essential nutrients can have on developing babies. In fact, many prenatal multivitamins can provide:

  • Prenatal multivitamin support — Most supplements for prenatal support will contain a combination of various essential vitamins and minerals, such as Vitamin A, riboflavin, iron, and more.

  • Immune system support — Formulas derived from omega-3 fatty acids may help balance the bacteria levels in your stomach, which can influence your immune system.

  • Support bone density — Calcium and magnesium can greatly improve your bone health.

These are just a few of the many nutritional benefits that prenatal multivitamins have to offer.

Improve Your Prenatal Nutrition With These Supplements

As you may already know, HopeNWellness has various partnerships with a wide variety of supplement manufacturers. We leverage these relationships to provide you with plenty of high-quality supplements at affordable prices. And we’ve rounded up two great supplement options to support your pregnancy: Super Nutrition – Simply One PreNatal Triple Power Multivitamins and NOW Foods Prenatal Gels + DHA Multivitamin.

The distinguishing factor for these prenatal supplements is the inclusion of choline or DHA. Other supplements tend to leave these ingredients out as they may be “too expensive,” but you know that your baby deserves the best. These key ingredients can provide additional, science-based benefits for your baby, including:

  • Fetal brain development support — Research has shown that choline, an essential nutrient, and DHA, a polyunsaturated fatty acid, can actually help grow the region of the brain that is associated with emotion, learning, and memory (ODS, NIH).

  • Lessened impacts of neurological diseases — While intellectual disabilities (ID), like Down syndrome, cannot be treated, choline supplementation during pregnancy may lead to a lessened impact of the disease for your child’s entire life (NIH).

The Simply One PreNatal Triple Power Multivitamins feature 15 mg of choline per serving, alongside a wealth of essential vitamins and minerals. It’s a great supplement that will provide you with exceptional nutritional support for your baby’s health. Order your first shipment of this great supplement today!

NOW Foods Prenatal Gels + DHA Multivitamin is another great supplemental option to support your pregnancy. In this prenatal multivitamin, you’ll find 10 mg of choline and 250 mg of DHA, totaling 650 mg of fish oil concentrate. In addition, you’ll benefit from an abundance of essential micronutrients for optimal health all throughout your pregnancy. Order your first batch of this top-tier prenatal multivitamin today and see how a little extra support now can help your child live to their fullest potential for the rest of their life.

To make things even better, 25% of all proceeds from supplements purchased through HopeNWellness are donated to Feeding America to provide meals to children in need. These donations are an integral part of the Hope N Wellness mission. You can help us end childhood hunger while you help your own child throughout your pregnancy with proper nutrition.

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