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4 Ways Prenatal Vitamins Support A Healthy Childhood

Every expectant mother can’t wait to hold their new-born baby in their arms. It’s a precious moment, and there will be plenty of other endearing moments on the horizon. You’ll tear up when you watch your child speak their first words, take their first steps, and head off to their first day at school. You want the best for your child and that all starts with achieving proper nutrition during your pregnancy. Prenatal vitamins can help you support you throughout your pregnancy and those prenatal vitamin supplements may even contribute to a brighter and healthier future for your bundle-of-joy.

What Are Prenatal Vitamins? And How Can They Support My Child?

Prenatal vitamin supplements are mostly self-explanatory: these vitamins provide pregnant women with the extra nutritional support that they need for their growing baby. However, the supplement market is crowded these days and there are many vitamin options on the market. From prenatal vitamin gummies to powder formulas, you’ve got plenty of options at your fingertips.

So how can you find the right prenatal supplements for your child? Well, you really need to focus in on the nutritional value that each supplement offers and simultaneously consider the benefits that those micronutrients can provide for you and your child.

At HopeNWellness, we are fortunate to have exclusive partnerships with numerous supplement manufacturers. Thanks to these partnerships, we can provide top-of-the-line prenatal vitamin supplements for expecting mothers just like you at affordable prices. Today we’ve rounded up two of our favorite prenatal supplements that we know would be terrific options for your nutritional needs:

Both of these supplements can bridge any nutritional gaps that you may have during your pregnancy. But, it’s worth noting that these two supplements provide different dosages of many essential micronutrients.

How These Prenatal Vitamin Supplements Can Support A Healthier Childhood

While prenatal supplements can support you during your pregnancy, these vitamins may also offer some benefits for your child after they’re born. Let’s examine a few ways these prenatal vitamins may benefit your child.

Better Brain Development

The human brain is full of infinite potential. As your child grows up, they will learn all kinds of new things and grow ever curious while their brain slowly develops as well. With one of these prenatal vitamins, you can give your child a head-start by supporting healthy fetal brain development.

A wealth of reputable research has shown that omega-3 fatty acids, like Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), play a critical role in the brain development of a growing baby (Healthline). Other essential compounds, like Choline, have also been shown to support healthy fetal brain development too (NIH).

NOW Food’s Prenatal Gels + DHA Multi Vitamin can help supply your pregnancy with a healthy dose of DHA and Choline every day. Each serving of this supplement offers 250 mg of DHA, alongside 90 mg of EPA and 10 mg of Choline. Put those compounds together and you’ve got a great supplement that will likely lead to a well-developed brain upon your child’s birth.

Essential Micronutrient Support

The human body can produce many vitamins and minerals, if and when necessary. However, there are plenty of other vitamins and minerals that the human body can’t produce. These are called “essential” micronutrients and they are incredibly important for adults and children alike. You may be wondering, “How exactly can these micronutrients impact my kid’s childhood?” Let’s briefly examine a few of the most important ones:

  • Vitamin A - Supports healthy skin, normal growth, vision and tissue repair.

  • Vitamin B - Helps with red blood cell production and metabolic activities.

  • Vitamin C - One of the best micronutrients to help fight off infections and improve the immune system. It may also help strengthen muscular tissues and heal the body.

  • Iron - Contributes to accelerated growth, muscle development, and blood production.

All these micronutrients help keep your growing baby on track for a long and healthy life. And both of the supplements outlined above provide a healthy mix of essential micronutrients for optimal support throughout your pregnancy. For reference, Ancient Nutrition’s Multi Prenatal Formula features 2,925 mcg of Vitamin A, 60 mg of Vitamin C, and 18 mg of Iron per serving. This supplement also features a healthy mix of B vitamins too. And that’s just a taste of the kind of multivitamin support these supplements provide.

Ancient Nutrition – Ancient Multi Prenatal Formula, one of the most effective prenatal vitamin supplements out there today.

Prevent Birth Defects

While modern medicine has advanced significantly over the years, there is still a risk of potential birth defects while a child is developing. As of writing this, there are more than 4,000 documented birth defects and many of them can be life-threatening. For that reason, it’s important that expectant mothers collaborate with their doctors to protect their developing child and mitigate the risks of birth defects when possible.

These prenatal vitamin supplements may help mitigate the risks of birth defects. Medical experts across the industry agree that folic acid (or folate) can help reduce the risk of birth defects (MedlinePlus). Further research has additionally shown that iodine can help reduce the risk of birth defects, too (Nutrients). We hope it comes as no surprise that these prenatal supplements are full of these two micronutrients.

Each serving of the NOW Prenatal Gels provides pregnant women with 800 mcg of folate and 150 mcg of iodine. On the flip side, the Ancient Multi Prenatal Formula features 864 mcg of folate and 160 mcg of iodine. We recommend you consult with your doctor on the best dosages to support a healthy pregnancy.

Stronger Bones

Your bones structure your body, protect your organs, and anchor your muscles. Bone strength is clearly an integral part of your overall health and childhood is the perfect time to build up those healthy bones. These vitamins can give your child a head-start as they enter the world.

NOW Foods – Prenatal Gels + DHA Multi Vitamin, one of the top prenatal vitamin supplements on the market today.

Calcium and magnesium are key micronutrients that support the development of stronger bones. The Ancient Multi Prenatal Formula can support the growth of your child’s bones by supplying 56 mg of calcium and 28 mg of magnesium in each serving. However, NOW Foods Prenatal Gels may offer a stronger solution for your child’s bone development. In each serving of the Prenatal Gels, you’ll receive 400 mg of calcium and 200 mg of magnesium. That kind of nutritional support will help give your child the best possible start in their new world.

Support Your Kid’s Childhood Before They’re Born With Prenatal Vitamins

Never underestimate the advantages of a head-start, especially when it comes to your own family. Give your children a fantastic head-start by optimizing their nutrition even before they’re born.

Order your first batch of these prenatal supplements today and start reaping the benefits of a healthier pregnancy.

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Ancient Nutrition – Ancient Multi Prenatal Formula Purchase Item There is nothing more exciting in this world than having a child. Your baby will have a significant positive impact on your life, and hopefully in the world too. As any expectant mother knows, every stage of your pregnancy