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4 Ways Metagenics Prenatal Vitamins Support A Healthy Childhood

Every expectant mother can’t wait to hold their new-born baby in their arms. It’s a precious moment, but their childhood is full of other endearing instances. Mothers tear up when they watch their child speak their first words, take their first steps, and head off to their first day at school. You want the best childhood for your kids and it all starts with proper nutrition during your pregnancy. Metagenics prenatal vitamins help you support a healthy future childhood for your bundle-of-joy.

What Are Metagenics Prenatal Vitamins? How Can They Support My Child?

Prenatal vitamins provide pregnant women with the extra nutritional support they need for their growing baby. It’s no secret that the supplement market is crowded and each product can vary greatly in quality. This is where Metagenics prenatal vitamins stand apart.

Their supplements are scientifically tested and manufactured to ensure each supplement matches their nutritional label exactly. They take pride in the high-quality of their supplements and back it all up by credible nutritional research. There’s nothing on the market today quite like the products offered by Metagenics.

As of writing this, there are two Metagenics prenatal vitamins readily available today. The PlusOne Daily Prenatal Packs and Fem Prenatal are similar, but have unique differences depending on the needs of expecting moms. They both provide high-quality comprehensive nutritional support for pregnant women. Despite this overlap, these supplements vary slightly in their nutritional complexity and nutritional content.

Fem Prenatal, for instance, contains some micronutrients that are missing in the PlusOne Packs (e.g., calcium, magnesium, etc.). On the other hand, the PlusOne Packs have far greater amounts of certain vitamins and minerals than Fem Prenatal.

How These Prenatal Vitamins Support A Healthy Childhood

Let’s examine a few ways these Metagenics prenatal vitamins benefit your child.

Better Brain Development

“The brain is wider than the sky.” It’s a general statement by Emily Dickinson with a very clear message: the human brain is full of infinite potential. All we need to do is learn how to fly through it. Metagenics prenatal vitamins can give your child a head-start by supporting healthy fetal brain development.

Clinical studies have documented the brain boosting effects of the essential nutrient, Choline. Specifically, it can help grow the region of the brain that is associated with emotion, learning, and memory. Metagenics prenatal vitamins are packed with Choline. The PlusOne Daily Prenatal Packs, for instance, provide 450 mg of Choline with each serving. A more developed brain upon birth means a brighter future for your child and, hopefully, a wider sky.

Essential Micronutrient Support

The human body can produce a number of vitamins, if and when necessary. There are plenty of vitamins and minerals that the human body can’t produce, though. These “essential” micronutrients are incredibly important for adults and young kids alike. You may wonder, how exactly do these micronutrients impact childhood? Let’s briefly examine a few important ones:

  • Vitamin A - Supports healthy skin, normal growth, vision and tissue repair.

  • Vitamin B - Helps with red blood cell production and metabolic activities.

  • Vitamin C - The best tool to fight off infections and improve the immune system. It also works to strengthen muscular tissues and heal the body.

  • Iron - Contributes to accelerated growth, muscle development, and blood production.

All of these micronutrients help keep your growing baby on track for a long and healthy life. Metagenics prenatal vitamins provide a healthy mix of essential micronutrients for optimal support throughout your pregnancy. For reference, each PlusOne Pack provides over 1,650 mcg of Vitamin A, 250 mg of Vitamin C, and 30 mg of Iron. That’s just a taste of the level of multivitamin support these supplements provide.

Our favorite Metagenics prenatal vitamin: PlusOne Daily Prenatal Packs.

Prevent Birth Defects

While medicine has advanced significantly over the years, there is still a risk of potential birth defects while a child is developing. With more than 4,000 documented defects, it is essential for expecting moms to collaborate with their doctors to protect their child and mitigate risks from the very beginning.

Metagenics prenatal vitamins is one way to offer your baby the support they need. Research studies have shown that folic acid, or folate, can help reduce the risk of birth defects. It’s also been shown that iodine can help reduce the risk of birth defects, too. We hope it comes as no surprise that these prenatal supplements are full of these two ingredients.

Each serving of Fem Prenatal provides pregnant women with 1 mg of folate and 30 mg of iodine. PlusOne Daily Packs includes 1,665 mcg of folate and 176 mcg of iodine. We recommend you consult with your doctor on the best dosages to support a healthy pregnancy.

Stronger Bones

Your bones structure your body, protect your organs, and anchor your muscles. Bone strength is an integral part of your overall health and childhood is the perfect time to build up those healthy bones. Metagenics prenatal vitamins give your child an advantage.

Fem Prenatal provides 500 mg of calcium and 250 mg of magnesium in each serving, supporting stronger bones. The PlusOne Packs are often paired with the Bone Builder Vegetarian supplement. With a ratio-balanced blend of calcium and magnesium, it’s the perfect way to support those healthy bones.

A high-quality Metagenics prenatal vitamin, Fem Prenatal.

Improve Your Child’s Childhood Before They’re Born

Never underestimate the advantages of a head-start, especially when it comes to your own family. You can give your kids the best chance possible by focusing on their health early on.

Order your first batch of Metagenics prenatal vitamins today and start reaping the benefits of a healthy pregnancy.

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