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The Real Cause Of Heart Disease

Sunday, 01 July 2018 23:43

Dr. Dwight Lundell is a world renowned heart surgeon with over 25 years experience. He was chief of staff and chief of surgery at Banner Heart Hospital in Mesa, AZ, and has performed over 5,000 heart surgeries. He is author of The Cure For Heart Disease, and The Great Cholesterol Lie. Dr Lundell knows that Western medicine has not only been wrong for many years on the cause of heart disease, but has actually helped create the epidemic we have today. Although 1 out of every 4 people in the US are now taking statin drugs, more and more Americans are dying of heart disease every year. This flies in the face of what we have been told about heart failure for most of our lives. We have been told that if we just lower our cholesterol and control our low-carb diet, we can avoid a heart attack.

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