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How To Find The Right Metagenics Probiotic For You

Over the past decade or so, probiotics have become a health essential for households all across the United States. Supported by a growing wealth of research, probiotics have been shown to offer a wide array of health benefits. Once you start to consider how they might improve your health, it’s easy to see why probiotics have become so popular. If you’re looking for a high-quality probiotic supplement, then you may want to consider a Metagenics probiotic option. Few other supplement manufacturers on today’s market can match the quality of Metagenics or their wide range of probiotic products.

The Advantages Of Metagenics

Since probiotics gained nationwide attention years ago, you now have a wealth of providers to choose from. Out of all the supplement manufacturers out there, Metagenics stands out as one of the top providers for multiple reasons.

For the past 3 decades, Metagenics has strived to be an industry leader in functional nutrition. They have consistently been a pioneer in scientific discovery and nutritional research, as they have developed exceptional products time and again. As a company, Metagenics has:

  • Over 137 clinical and scientific personnel on staff globally to validate the efficacy of their products.

  • Created over 300 scientifically formulated nutritional solutions and received over 67 patents for those formulas.

  • Published over 87 research publications.

  • Spent approximately $7 million annually on proprietary research and development.

  • Partnered with numerous medical centers and universities worldwide to push the boundaries of nutritional science through collaboration.

And that’s not all this company has to offer! Throughout the process of producing quality probiotics, Metagenics has protocols and measures in place to protect the potency of their products. With temperature-controlled facilities and transportation methods, Metagenics ensures that their probiotics are live and healthy when delivered to you.

That kind of dedication to the field of nutritional science can be hard to come by in today’s society. For those reasons, Metagenics should be at the top of your list if you’re looking for a high-quality probiotic supplement.

Which Metagenics Probiotic Option Is Best For You?

Thanks to their innovative personnel, Metagenics has developed a wealth of probiotics that are each designed for a specific purpose. Let’s dive into some of their top products and identify the right supplement for your individual needs.

Weight Control

If you have difficulty managing or losing weight, UltraFlora Control could be the right probiotic supplement for you. This daily probiotic has been specifically designed to help support body weight regulation. How does it accomplish that goal? It’s all thanks to the strain of “friendly” bacteria in each capsule: Bifidobacterium lactis 420.

There’s an abundance of reputable research that has shown B. lactis 420 can help prevent body weight fluctuations. In fact, a review of B420 research has shown that the probiotic could present a terrific way to combat obesity and it may ultimately contribute to weight loss. Of course, if you really want to see results, you’ll need to pair the daily probiotics with a well-balanced diet and a regular exercise routine.

Are you ready to take control of your weight? Then these UltraFlora probiotics are the right supplement for you.

Digestive Well-Being

While the uses of probiotics can range widely, their most common use is for healthy intestinal function. If you’re looking for that kind of digestive support, UltraFlora Balance could be exactly what you need. This unique blend features two strains of beneficial bacteria: L. acidophilus NCFM and B. lactis Bi-07.

Clinical trials have shown that L. acidophilus NCFM can help reduce abdominal pain that is caused by digestive problems. Further research has shown that both strains can benefit those suffering from chronic digestive disorders. While additional research is still being conducted on these strains, it’s safe to say they have a beneficial impact on your digestive system.

If you’re suffering from intestinal issues, UltraFlora Balance may be able to provide the relief you’ve been searching for.

Immune System Support

These days, we could all use a nice boost to our immune systems. And that’s exactly what UltraFlora Immune Booster aims to provide. This probiotic supplement offers a unique blend of two highly viable, pure strains of “friendly” bacteria:

  • Lactobacillus paracasei 8700:2 and

  • Lactobacillus plantarum HEAL9.

Both of these bacteria strains have been heavily studied over the years. Clinical trials and research studies alike have shown that both strains can contribute to supporting healthy nasal, sinus, and respiratory function. With these strains in your diet, you’ll have a better chance of fighting off infections and diseases on a daily basis. And, if you do get sick, these probiotics may even help reduce the severity of your symptoms too!

Additional Considerations

Clearly Metagenics has plenty of probiotic products for you to choose from! As you weigh your options, it may benefit you to know that:

  • They offer probiotics for children. MetaKids Probiotic, for instance, can provide the immune system support your kid needs as they return to school this fall.

  • Some Metagenics probiotics offer multidimensional support. UltraFlora Synergy, for instance, can provide both digestive support and a helpful boost to the immune system.

  • Supplements aren’t for everyone. If you’re not a big supplement taker, you can still reap some of the health benefits of probiotics by adding a few different probiotic foods to your diet.

Start Improving Your Well-Being Today

It’s time to turn your daily discomforts into a thing of the past! We know that regardless of what you’re looking to get out of your probiotics, there is a Metagenics supplement that can meet your needs.

Are you ready to take the steps to improve your health and well-being? Then order a Metagenics probiotic supplement to experience the support you’ve been missing.

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