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How Your Infant Benefits From Metagenics Baby Probiotics

Having a baby is nothing short of magical. After all this time with your spouse, you’ve finally brought your child into this world. Every new parent wants the best for their new baby and you will have to put in the work to achieve that. As a new parent, you’ll want to start out small by focusing on improving the health of your infant. Metagenics baby probiotics can help support your baby’s health in a multitude of ways. With daily probiotic support, you’ll set your baby up for a healthy childhood and an incredible life. Today we’d like to examine some of the specific benefits that are provided by these infant probiotics.

Why Does My Baby Need Probiotics?

Probiotics can offer anyone numerous health benefits. Your digestive system houses a wealth of bacteria that directly influence your immune system and other aspects of your health. For this reason, it’s important to maintain a balance of good “friendly” bacteria in your gut. Probiotic supplements are one of the best ways to add beneficial bacteria to your digestive system. These friendly bacteria strains can benefit adults, the elderly, young children, and babies alike.

One of the best probiotic options from Metagenics is the MetaKids Baby Probiotic supplement. It offers incredible probiotic support for both infants and young children. This supplement contains a blend of two incredibly beneficial bacteria strains:

  • Bifidobacterium animalis spp. lactis

  • Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG (LGG)

The probiotic blend contains up to 1 billion CFU per serving. By simply administering 6 drops into milk or food on a daily basis, your infant receives tons of great health benefits. Let’s dive into the specific ways these Metagenics baby probiotics can benefit your baby.

Improve Your Baby’s Digestive Health

It has been well established that probiotics can improve your gut health. One of the best things about probiotics is that they don’t discriminate by age. Infants and young children can improve their gut health with probiotic support. This MetaKids probiotic supplements has been specifically designed with this concept in mind.

Numerous studies have shown that the bacteria strains B. animalis spp. lactis and L. rhamnosus GG can improve the gut health of young infants in a few ways. Many infants can struggle to have healthy and fully functional digestive systems. These Metagenics baby probiotics can help:

  • Prevent acute diarrhea

  • Improve constipation

  • Increase digestive comfort

  • Improve gastrointestinal well-being

  • And more!

Any new parent would be thrilled if their newborn had fewer digestive issues. These probiotics can help turn that dream into a reality.

Support Infant Growth

Plenty of factors influence how your baby grows up. From nutritional elements to genetic predispositions, many things can expedite or slow down your baby’s growth. You might want your infant to stay exactly how they are right now for as long as possible. It is, however, important to support your infant’s growth in whatever ways you can. At this crucial developmental stage, every little bit counts. Their current growth will influence the rest of their life. With Metagenics baby probiotics, you can support that developmental growth for your child.

Research has shown that B. animalis spp. lactis can have a positive impact on the growth of vulnerable infants. One study showed that B. animalis spp. lactis can have a number of positive growth effects on preterm infants. Another study of 525 infants (some born to mothers with HIV) had demonstrated similar positive growth effects from B. animalis spp. lactis supplementation.

To top it off, research has also been conducted on the growth support of L. rhamnosus GG. A clinical study showed that when LGG is infused with infant formula, it has a similar positive growth impact as B. animalis spp. lactis. By blending these two strains, these Metagenics baby probiotics can effectively support your child’s developmental growth.

Protect Your Child From Infections

Your baby is new to the world, which means they lack a strong immune system. Without an immunity to the microscopic germs of our society, your baby is very susceptible to infections. They need all the support that they can get to fend off dangerous diseases and harmful infections. With these Metagenics baby probiotics, you can give your infant’s immune system an extra line of defense.

Studies have shown that B. animalis spp. lactis can reduce the risk of respiratory infections in early childhood. Additional animal studies have shown that the same B. lactis strain can fight off other harmful infections. More specifically, that bacteria strain can protect against Salmonella and E. coli, and help reduce the severity of infections as well. Research has also shown that LGG can help infants develop stronger immune system responses.

With these high-quality probiotics, you can maintain your child’s health by helping them avoid infections. Their immune system will become stronger and their confidence will grow too. However, you’ll still want to make sure they’re not touching and tasting everything around them.

A More Pleasant Infancy

Every parent knows that infants can go from smiles to tears in a heartbeat. From loud noises to off-putting interactions, any number of things can quickly upset your baby. You love your child, but every parent can agree that they could do without the constant crying. You can surprisingly keep that crying to a minimum with these baby probiotics.

MetaKids Baby Probiotic, a terrific Metagenics baby probiotic option that is available through HopeNWellness.

Studies have shown that probiotic supplementation of LGG can lead to less crying and fussing in infants! When your infant is happier, you’ll have a much easier time raising them and caring for them. Fewer crying outbursts is every parents dream.

Realize The Benefits of Metagenics Baby Probiotics Today

Give your infant the best health possible by utilizing MetaKids Baby Probiotic! This innovative supplement will give your young child the probiotic support that they need to thrive. When your child has an above average infancy, they’ll be prepared to continue to excel later down the line.

Order your first batch of these incredible Metagenics baby probiotics today and give your baby the support they need.

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