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Applying The Food Pyramid To a Healthy Diet

A nutritious and balanced diet not only helps to reduce the risk of developing serious health conditions, but also supports proper growth and development. In a society built on happy meals and processed foods that lack the nutritional value needed in a child's diet, it has become more and more difficult to provide a healthy diet for our youth.

A Healthy Diet in the Food Pyramid

The Facts on Balanced Diets

  • In an evaluation of the diet quality among children aged 2 to 11, the average score of all the components that make up a healthy diet was a 53 on the Healthy Eating Index, which is measured out of 100.

  • On any given day, 34 percent of children and adolescents eat fast food.

  • As much as 12.4 percent of a child's daily calories come from fast food.

  • 67 percent of these children will consume a sugary beverage on any given day.

  • The national childhood obesity rate is 18.5 percent, which includes more than 12 million kids that are at risk of serious health conditions because of their weight.

  • Less than 50 percent of children get the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity.

  • 91 percent of American children have what is classified as a “poor” diet.

In simpler terms, kids are not getting the nutrients they need from their diet.

While initially, a high-sugar, low-nutrient diet will have the energy levels of your kids soaring, over time, you will see kids become lethargic, irritable, and unfocused. The immune system will become compromised, leaving kids at risk for more regular illness and other serious health conditions. Cognitive development will also decline as the brain lacks the nutrients it needs to grow.

Metagenics' Metakids Nutrition Powder supplement, a good way to ensure kids receive adequate nutrition.

Easier Said Than Done

With a healthy, balanced diet throughout childhood, kids are not only set up for success in a healthy adulthood but also have the vitamins and nutrients necessary for the body to function to the best of its ability.

Now we understand that busy jobs and crazy extracurricular schedules can limit the time that's available to dedicate to nutrition, so we have some tips to help you get your kids the nutrients they need.

  • The more colors the better – different colors of fruits and vegetables have different kinds of nutritional value, so multiple colors will offer the most nutrients.
  • Look for whole grains – opt for brown rice, wholegrain bread, and wholemeal pasta over their white counterparts
  • Protein and dairy are good in moderation – these are important parts of a well-balanced diet, but there is such thing as too much of a good thing.
  • Take your kids shopping – helping your kids learn how to make healthy food decisions for themselves is a beneficial life skill to support a healthy lifestyle.

Improving Health With MetaKids Nutrition Powder

Sometimes, there is just not enough time in the day and other times, a particularly stubborn little one may insist on feeding the veggies to the dog. That's why Metagenics created a nutrition powder that is designed specifically for growing bodies.

The MetaKids nutrition powder provides the foundation for nutrition, using a blend of essential nutrients, high-quality plant protein, and added amino acids. One scoop of the nutrition powder in eight ounces of water helps kids get the nutrients they need in an easily digestible format. It even comes in vanilla and chocolate flavors that are perfect for the pickiest eaters. MetaKids nutrition powder is an easy way for parents to support their kids' nutrition.

Where Can I Get MetaKids Nutrition Powder For a Healthy Diet?

Due to our great partnership, Hope N Wellness can supply anyone with MetaKids Nutrition Powder at affordable prices. Order your first container today!

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